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<strong>Fish & Chicken Chow Mein

Fish & Chicken Chow Mein

April 2024


Make sure to marinade the chicken and fish in cornflour, splash of sesame oil and soya sauce before cooking to give flavour.  Use Basa fish which is firm and filleted.

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<strong>Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

At Home January 2024

Some home cooking for the Chinese New Year!


Turned out to be quite delicious!

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<strong>Home Cooked Lobster

Home Cooked Lobster

With Pasta in a Creamy Mushroom Sauce

December 2023

Prepare the pasta and pan fry the lobster tails for 4 mins each side with garlic. When shell turns nice and red, remove from pan.

Prepare the sauce either from a packet or a ready made in a jar.

Serve pasta, add lobster and pour over the sauce.

Quick easy 10 minutes!

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