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Iona<br>The Olive Grove

The Olive Grove

March 2024

The Olive Grove provides a lovely ambience and feels like a restaurant in Greece! 

Olive Grove Image

A small additional charge for certain dishes but worth every penny!

Menu image

Here’s the menu for this great little gem on IONA.

Mezzes image

To start - Greek Mezze - no charge. A sharing plate for two.

Kalamata Olives image

The Kalamata Olives were the most tasty olives I have ever eaten. Really soft and bursting with Greek flavour.


Beef Kofta hanging Kebab was soft, melts in your mouth  and well-seasoned served with a sweet sauce. Quality of meat is great no gristle or fat. Nice presentation ... got to try it!

Lasagne was served hot and very cheesey, not much meat but  tasty dish and good size.

Paella uncovered image

Seafood, Chicken & Chorizo Paella for one! Only £4.50 for this amazing dish packed with so many ingredients. Rice was  bit watery and could have been cooked 5 minutes more.

Creme brulee i,age

Crème Brulee with a crispy caramel topping and delicate flavour. Delight...crunchy top and a light dessert ... not sweet but worth squeezing in .... delicious!

Will Young photo

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Iona<br>Epicurean Restaurant

Epicurean Restaurant

February 2024

In the Atlantic ocean en-route to Teneriffe.
Good morning - view from my cabin!

morning view

Epicurean Restaurant

Dining in the Epicurean alternative restaurant... extra £30 a head but worth it. Fantastic service and ambience at sea.

starter menu

The Scallops were cooked perfectly and delicious! 

Mains menu

Black Cod and Lobster is a delicate combination of sea food at its best and with the best chips I have ever had... so good I ordered double 😋 

A treat for a night of some fine dining at affordable costs. 

Must book as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

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Iona<br>The Beach House Restaurant

The Beach House Restaurant

Ferbruary 2024

Nice mix of halibut and salmon.
Unusual starter but a lovely combination and nicely prepared.

Chicken wings were spicy and cooked well.

Wow, delicious mix of lobsters, king prawns and red snapper... perfectly cooked.
Red snapper amazingly cooked.
Big portion if hungry

Never dreamed I would have too much 🦞 in a meal!

Not fine dining but fun dining!
Plentiful and good value grub at sea.

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Arcadia image


Main Dining Restaurant

May 2023

On formal night.


Steak slightly over done and king prawn lacking in flavour.

P&O try to keep to low salt and cater for the mass diners so not easy.

There’s alternative dining where you have additional charges

Sindhu Indian

Soft Shell Crab in Batter

The Soft shell crab batter was soggy and lacked any crab but nicely presented.

Extra £7.50 - not worth it.

And finally:

Slow cooked lamb

The slow cooked lamb on the bone cooked with mild Indian spices was soft and fell off the bone.

Included side dishes, rice and breads.

Delicious - Extra £9.50.

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